Monday, July 27, 2009

World Beat 2009

It was over 3 weeks ago that our family attended the World Beat festival in Salem, but as usual, I'm slow about posting. I actually had the photos downloaded and arranged a while back, but it's the writing part, that gets me every time. I should change my blog name from "Marin's Meanderings" to "Marin's Photo Album" which also would probably be misleading since I rarely appear in any of the pictures because I'm always behind the camera. Anyhoo, we decided last minute to take up my parent's invitation to come down and we are very glad we did. We saw a lot of great musicians, ate some fine ethiopian food and the kids kept busy dancing, playing at the playground, and putting together creative creations with the diverse array of recycled goods at one of the booths. It was a very warm day, but nothing like we are experiencing right now. Thanks mom and dad for inviting us to the party! We had a grand time.

Banner over the main stage with a barely visible band warming up.

Mom, Dad, and Keenan enjoying one of the bands.

Lots of delicious ethnic food and colorful dress.

Keenan banging drums made out of recycled materials. Of course, I love the mallets made with tennis balls.

Keenan's egg-carton craft creation. He was so proud of his work, he carried that egg carton around for a long time afterwards.

The kids working their imaginations.

Molly's finished creation. The cardboard she made her structure on is actually an empty fabric spool?? (not sure of the name)

Yep, there's Keenan hanging tight to his egg-carton while dancing with dad.

Some short video-clips of one of the bands and the entertainees. In this first one Kevin thinks I am only taking a photo and not videoing, thus the "posing" with Keenan.

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