Sunday, July 12, 2009

A Day At the Coast

A couple of weeks ago our family went to the coast for a day. We had heard the weather was going to be 70 degrees and partly sunny, but as usual, the weatherman lied to us as it never reached 60 and was cloudy the whole time. We did have a great time, however--who could not at the coast--and had some extra-ordinary entertainment while we were there.
Our first stop was Gearhart beach and had I known we were going to end up at one of those beaches where cars are allowed down onto it, I would have told Kevin to choose another one. Nevertheless. . . we were there and the kids were eager to get out and start playing. We built the usual sand "castles," threw a frizbee around and frolicked in the water. Later on we saw a dunce-bucket (some others at the beach used a much more descriptive title ((mine is taken from Cyberchase)) drive pretty much right out to the ocean and get stuck in the sand. It was low tide, but not for long as you can tell from the first picture below, the water was close to reaching the engine area. The lack-of-intelligence guy kept walking back and forth from the car while his girlfriend was left to sit in the driver's seat. No one quickly came to his aid as they knew what an idiot he was when they saw him drive nearly right into the ocean. Later, however, a very good samaritan, who also got his car briefly stuck in the sand came to the rescue along with another vehicle and a good tow-rope. They pulled that car out of the ocean and what did that guy without any common sense do in response??!! Drove away as fast as he could without even a thank you! "What a dumb____!" to quote one of the spectators. We then speculated that he left fast because he called 911 and they were probably on their way (which they were). I swear. . . . Anyhow, at least we got some entertainment for a while.

Here is the stuck car attached to a long tow rope just moments before it was pulled free

Here is the car getting rescued and starting to drive away

Here is the car going, going, gone.

Here is the sheriff and tow-truck responding to the 911 call

Here is my family playing innocently in the ocean during much of the drama

Here is Molly feeling cold and wanting to go.

Next stop: Astoria

Overlooking Astoria from the Astoria Column Monument (not the actual column)

Kevin and Keenan at the top of the Astoria Column

Can you see Molly, Keenan and Kevin way up there?

164 steps down to the bottom
From the Astoria column, we drove to downtown Astoria for some delicious seafood. We then wandered the docks before heading back to Gearhart for some very expensive ice cream cones which Keenan dropped as he was attempting to climb on top of a stool. I was really drooling over the fudge, but didn't want to pay $12-a-lb plus an 1/8th of a lb of that would add 5 lbs to my hips so. . . why spend the money when a moosetracks ice-cream cone will only add 2 lbs to my hips???

It was a good ending to a fun and interesting day.

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