Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Summer Fun

Summer is fully upon us now and even though the days can be long, tiring and a test of my patience, we have had some very fun days. Molly is currently in a partial day-camp called "It's a Small, Small World" and today they went to China (yesterday was Mexico--tomorrow, Italy). She is enjoying that so far as well as swim and tennis lessons. You may think that is a lot, and it is for 2 weeks of the whole summer. The rest of the time we are not as scheduled. Here are a few pictures of the places we've been--fun times when afterwards Molly tells me, "You're the best, mom!" Aaaaaaw--kids can be so sweet.

Oaks Park
Little Chipper Pre-school Rides

The cars: A Keenan favorite

The roller coaster: Molly's favorite

Our friend Karen and daughter Claire enjoying the slides:)

Keenan was very fascinated by Chipper the Squirrel and would glom onto him every time he would see him.

The potentially dizzying hot-air balloons

Kids always love milk'n cookies. . .

. . .Except for Molly who didn't like her cookie.

The kids with Chipper (and Keenan man-handling) again.

Oregon Children's Museum
Molly face painting herself "just a little bit this time mama."

Clay creations

The great tire pit

"Keenan the Builder, he can build it!"

. . .And be a master DJ spinning records 20 minutes later:)

Sunday Parkways: North Portland
I wasn't here for this activity (once again, working), but it is a pretty cool event that will occur a few times over the summer. The city closes off a 7 square-mile loop in a portland neighborhood and people can come and ride bikes, walk, roller-blade--engage in any non-motorized transportation they would like to along these closed-off neighborhood streets. There are also fun activities for the kids (this time a "circus") as well as opportunities to try out different kinds of bikes (see Molly above and Keenan below).

Keenan hula-hoopin' it up

Very tricky Molly

Here Keenan rides his bigwheel and directly in front of him, Molly on her pink bike. They didn't go far--maybe 1/2-a-mile, but they had a great time, nonetheless.

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  1. Looks like your kids have had a lot of fun this summer. What a good mom!