Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Family Visits

Like I mentioned in my previous post, my sister Deirdre and brother Jesse recently visited: Deirdre from Az. and Jesse from Ut. Deirdre came first and we got to show her Hawthorne Blvd. Jesse came a couple of days later and we got to show him heavy rain and thunderstorms :(. Fortunately, that weather only lasted one day and the remainder of their visit was quite nice. We played games, picnicked and played at the park on Father's Day, enjoyed a gorgeous day at Otter Crest beach, shopped, ate/drank fresh strawberry/raspberry milkshakes from Aspenwalls and ate LOTS of good food. Their vacation felt like my vacation: It was very fun and I did not want it to end. The only downer was that Jesse didn't get to play tennis with my brother Paul or I--that was the day the storm blew in. Oh well. I guess he better come back and visit again soon :).
I wish I had take more pictures of them while they were here, but I didn't. The kids always seem to be the focal point--whether it be for attention or the camera lens. Here's a few photos from our trip to Otter Crest.

Jesse, mom and Deirdre

Dad, Deirdre, mom and Jesse

Keenan having some fun with aunt Deirdre

Deirdre trying to coax Molly and Keenan further into the water.

Jesse borrowing my camera for a bit.

Molly's sand art.

As Keenan obviously pointed out when he saw this picture, "I naked."

Keenan hiding in grandma's sweater.

Keenan loves playing around with his aunt Deirdre

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