Sunday, August 16, 2009

Portland's Newest Local Band

Molly and Keenan decided to start a new band (I don't know their name yet), and took their gig to the streets (well, driveway) of Portland (well, Milwaukie). Their first outfits they put on I, for obvious reasons (see below), rejected. The second ones--more beachwear--a slight improvement. They wanted to earn some money for their display of talent so placed 3 plastic containers near their instruments in hopes of encouraging those passing by (neighbors) to reward their efforts. Well. . . they didn't earn any money, but Keenan got a good review from a fan of his drumming saying he's got good rhythm. I was apologetic and slightly embarrassed because of the noise, but the fan (neighbor) was very sincere in her praise so I got over it and let Keenan bang away. Here are a few pictures and video from their first ever "concert":)

1st band costumes by Molly

Woops! Missed a cheek!

The next Neal Peart

The next Hannah Montana

It may look like it, but Molly really isn't kicking Keenan in the face


  1. Be careful what you post or the government will raid your house looking for kiddie porn!

  2. You're right! Either that or Keenan disowns me when he is older. I don't know what would be worse.

  3. Seriously good material for blackmail when he is in his dating years. Beyond that, did Molly make up the song herself? She did good, I love the poses.

  4. It's actually a Hannah Montana rip-off. Pretty good though, eh?