Friday, July 10, 2009

Wall of Keenan

A while back I posted about decorating Keenan's "new" room. I didn't take a picture of the wall next to his bed because I had only a small 8x10 portrait of Keenan on it. Well. . . after having the fantastic photo shoot of Keenan at the beach by my sister, here is what the wall looks like now.



My photo doesn't do Deirdre's photos justice

Kevin's not quite sure about seeing so much of Keenan--the photos are 11x14, but. . . I just love to go in his room and look at the wall. He is such a handsome boy (I know, all mom's say that, but it's true!!) and Deirdre did such a great job capturing who Keenan is: fun-loving/playful, tolerant and BUSY. You could tell he was getting annoyed by all the picture-taking at times and purposefully would not look at the camera, but he endured it well and Deirdre only needed to take 100-150 photos before we found just the right 3 :). Thanks so much Deirdre!

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  1. Deirdre took some great pictures. And the beach theme matches his room decor - how clever!
    (I think Keenan is handsome too, by the way)