Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Finally!. . . 6 Years Old

Molly officially turned 6 today. We didn't do much, however, as we have been celebrating her birthday since Father's Day when her uncle Jesse and aunt Deirdre could be there. On that day, we celebrated her birthday, as well as Jesse's (on the 16th) and recognized my great Dad, Molly's and Keenan's dad, and my brother Paul. We went to another fantastic park in McMinnville (forgot the name of it), ate KFC which was good, but don't want that to become a Father's Day tradition as we already eat it on Mother's Day; One time a year is enough!
I made the traditional chocolate, whip-cream cake which was quickly snarfed down and then Molly, Jesse and the dad's opened presents. My sister, Deirdre, took lots of pictures which are WAY better than mine, but should be as she is a professional photographer. If you want to see her photos you can go here. Click on "Family" and see all the pictures she took while visiting us in Oregon.
Anyhow, it was nice having much of my immediate family in town. We are a competitive family and it wasn't long before we were playing a rousing game of 4-square in the park. Yes--a childhood game from elementary school. We also enjoy balloon volleyball (Hey, any way that we can recapture our youth!)
But I digress. This is supposed to be about Molly. Princess Molly who also got her wish of having a sleep over/slumber party with a Hannah Montana theme for her birthday. This is what we did this past weekend. We invited 5 girls, glad only 3 were able to come as that was plenty! There was pizza and games at Pietros, another cake (pink this time), another present-opening, and then. . . . bedtime. We figured 9:00 would be a good time to brush teeth, read books and wind down. We set up the tent and everyone got situated. Molly's friend Vivian asked only 1 time to go home which was great! Leaving a flashlight in Vivian's hand, we retreated upstairs. It wasn't long, however, before 4 girls crept upstairs to tell us that they heard a spooky noise or later on that they saw a spider. Molly a couple of times would say, "They're keeping me awake!" That's right, Molly, blame your friends for still being awake by almost 11:00! Anyhow, they did finally all fall asleep--just not where they started at. Molly ended up in our bed, Dawsyn in Molly's bed and McKenna and Vivian on the floor in Molly's room. I guess sleeping in a tent in the living room wasn't such a novelty after all. Haha.
So here are a few photos from the twice-celebrated birthday of Molly Mattias. It may seem a little over-kill to you as it was to us by sunday morning when we were all exhausted. We thus decided that even though today was Molly's actual birthday, it was going to be a very low-key day with trips to the park and library, eating Happy Meals at McDonald's for dinner and walking up to Baskin' Robbins for dessert. Happy 6th birthday, Molly. We can't believe you're already that old.

Playing at the park in McMinnville

Getting some help blowing out your candles from Keenan and cousin Cash.

Blowing out the candles again as we forgot to include uncle Jesse the first time. Oops!

The cake looking a little sad as it had to travel in a cooler and wasn't very balanced inside.

Of course, it still tasted good:)

Present time!

"My favorite! Hannah Montana! What is it?. . . .Oh, a scooter!"

"Thanks Aunt Deirdre! I love pink and I love jewelry!"

Molly testing out her new ride.

Helping dad open his Father's Day present.

Four happy girls (and Keenan in the background) waiting to eat pizza at Pietro's

Tickets, tickets, tickets. McKenna, Molly and Vivian.

Molly with friend Vivian.

The girls went and got their pajamas on immediately after they got back from Pietro's. (Would we be so lucky?!)

Another cake. It's a good thing we love cake.


"Hey Keenan! You don't get to blow!" Molly needlessly getting angry at Keenan who did NOT even attempt to help her blow out her candles.

Fortunately, the anger quickly subsided.

Getting lots of help with the present-opening.

Cool present!


Molly and McKenna

Who's that sneaking in the picture and trying to steal some of your limelight? Yep, you're mom! :)

Dads "spooky" stories must have really worked. (Molly, Vivian, and Mckenna in the tent.)

Love you Molly. We're so glad you are our girl.

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