Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I would have posted more about our trip (still working on Day 2), but I went and saw Twilight instead (I normally post in the evening.) I thought I had missed the theatre-boat on this one as it is already on DVD, but when I saw in the newspaper it was still at our local cheap theatre, I put the kids to bed, ditched Kevin when he got home from work and headed out. At 9:30 on a weeknight I thought I might be the only person in the theatre, but I wasn't so alone as there were 2 other women (of course, women:)). Now, I read the whole Twilight series--loved them for the storyline and not necessarily the fantastic writing--and so had to see the movie. I knew the critics didn't like the low-budget film and there were some things that annoyed me as well, but you have to remember the audience for both the movie and the books: teenagers/young adults. So, still being a teenager at heart:), I liked the movie. I liked seeing some familiar places in our beautiful pacific northwest.  I liked most of the characters except, unfortunately, Bella not as much.   There was something about her personality that irritated me slightly.  I knew the storyline, but that didn't take away from any of the action/suspense and the movie went by quickly.   

I hear the next movie is coming out this fall which I am looking forward to.   We'll see what a bigger budget and different director??? will add.  


  1. Hi Marin. The things you didn't like about Bella in the movie, isn't she the same in the book? I found her and their completely obsessive young love annoying. I do the books are entertaining, but there are better writers out there. For young adult stuff, have you tried Scott Westerfeld? I've liked everything I've read of his, and I think I've read it all.
    New topic, I saw the last singer on American Idol tonight. He was amazing. Is he always that good?

  2. Now that you mention it. . .you are right (about Bella in the books and their overly-dramatic/intense love.) I haven't read Scott Westerfeld. I'll have to give him a try after I finish Christopher Paolini's Eragon series (now in Book 2.)

    As far as Adam Lambert goes, he amazes the audience every week--full of artistic surprises. His style is typically more like Stephen Tyler's of Aerosmith--not the kind of music I go out and buy. Last night's performance, however, was much more toned down and very beautiful. I've already listened to it twice again on You Tube. Maybe I'll post-it.