Monday, April 13, 2009

The Easter Bunny Returns

Saturday, April 11th.

Yes, Easter is overly-commercialized like several other holidays we know, but we love it anyways.  I have good memories growing up of us 5 kids racing down the stairs and searching high and low for those Easter eggs.  Yes, naturally the older kids found more eggs than the younger ones, but mom and dad would make us share and we all felt very special when we found large peanut-butter-filled (or chocolate or caramel-filled) eggs with our own frosted name on them.   The Easter Bunny knew us by name!!!:)

Now it's Molly and Keenan's turn to make fond candy-filled memories.

"On your mark, get set. . . Keenan's not quite awake yet to . . . GO!"

There he's starting to perk up with a few eggs in his basket:)

He's got it now!

Good job!  Under the table

Proud Molly with all her eggs

The Easter Bunny throwing in some non-ingestible items

Happy as a clam

Spreading out the goods and Keenan eating a Reese's with the brown wrapper still on.
Some of the action

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  1. Thanks for sharing the video. It helped me feel like I was there (almost).