Friday, March 27, 2009

First Things First: Day 1 in Ca.

Our mouths have been watering for IN-N-OUT Burger ever since we began planning our trip to California this past Nov.  So. . . . 5 months later, after waking up at 4:45 in the morning, boarding our airplane around 7:30 and arriving in Long Beach at 10:30, our first stop (it was almost 11 by then:)) was IN-N-OUT Burger.  Grilled onions, a stack of lettuce and special sauce--nothing beats an IN-N-OUT Burger (especially when you have missed breakfast.) 

The kids were so busy enjoying their burgers, 
they wouldn't even look up when I took their
We then walked down to the beach (Seal Beach.)  The clouds hadn't burned off yet and it was a little chilly, but their was a cute little play area where Molly and Dad enjoyed a swing.

The clouds soon burned off and as we drove inland, the day became rather warm.  Here Keenan is enjoying a gigantic slurpee which hit the spot for everyone.  

Then it was to Grandma Helen's house in Banning (she lives about 30 minutes west of Palm Springs), where the kids (and mom and dad too) enjoyed riding/driving Grandma's golf cart around the Sun Lakes community.  Helen's little dog Charlie choo choo (barely seen sitting in the passenger seat) liked to ride too, but juggling him and Keenan was a little too much as they both tried to get out while the cart was in motion.  

Not many pictures our first day--it was mostly traveling.  Day 2 tomorrow (or maybe the next day or the next day  ((I can't guarantee:)):  Joshua Tree and BNP Paribas Tennis Tournament.  

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