Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Favorite Molly Tradition: Dying Easter Eggs

Kids get so excited about holidays and most the time as a mom, I'm happy to oblige with all the little traditions that go along with them.  Molly has been asking for weeks to "color" easter eggs and so last night we finally did it.   There were a few upsetting moments, for example, when Keenan put one of the dye tablets into another cup which was already "fizzing" thus making the color brown (not a pretty brown either) and when he plopped an egg a little too far away from the dye dish making it crack.  Overall, however, it was a good time and Molly should be satisfied until the next holiday rolls around.

The colorful result


  1. Very cute! We are doing ours tomorrow!

  2. Your daughter sure looks a lot like you! Your kids are adorable!