Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Quite a Change in Temperature: Day 3 in Ca.

In hopes of confusing everyone, I'm bouncing back and forth from past to present.   No, really I'm just behind in posting and am slowly trying to catch up. Day 3 in Ca. took us from Banning to Tustin/Irvine and the weather went from 90 degrees (in Palm Desert) to a chilly 60 degrees, reminiscent of Oregon.  I didn't want to be reminded of Oregon though, I wanted SUN! SUN! SUN! HOT! HOT! HOT! On the bright side, it was just one cool day among seven.  
Anyhow, it was so great that we were able to stay with Kevin's mom in Banning and then Kevin's brother, Scott, put us up in his place in Tustin.  Unfortunately, however, we didn't get to see Scott because he was gone to Denmark the entire 5 days we stayed at his place. It was also a bummer because we also couldn't see Molly and Keenan's cousins (Scott's kids) Alison and Alex. We did, however, get to see Uncle Mark, Aunt Cindy (briefly), and cousin Sarah. We spent a nice afternoon (thanks for lunch Mark and Sarah!) at Irvine Park. Molly rode a horse, took a train ride with Keenan (Dad, Mark and Sarah), and we all visited the little zoo. Keenan cried and complained several times because he couldn't jump in the big inflatable castles, etc. because they were reserved for private brithday parties, but he would get over it and there was lots of other fun things to do. I wasn't trying to be partial, but I didn't get many photos of him. (Hmm. . . maybe he was crying a lot and that's why there are not any photos. . .:)

With cousin Sarah waiting to ride a horse

My little equestrian rider

Not afraid at all
Family photo of uncle Mark, Sarah, Molly, Dad, Keenan,Grandma Helen
Riding in the little green caboose

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