Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Long John Sliver!:)

It's been a while since I have posted and need to catch up! I'll start with my nephew Henry Cash's 3rd birthday party a few Saturdays ago on the 6th. Ellen already posted some great pictures, but I wanted to add some photos as well. The chosen park (Camp Rivendale) in Beaverton was a perfect spot for a picnic (the food was delicious ((thanks Paul and Ellen!)), play area and treasure hunt created and orchestrated by my clever brother Paul. One of the earlier clues led the party to a treasure of pirate garb which we donned and photographed below:)

"Captain Carrot Top" and "Long John Sliver"

Aaaaarg!. . . .Truly SCARY pirates

"Matey Molly"

Pondering a clue while Keenan (Capt. Carrot Top) stomps on a bug

Part of the Mattias pirate family resting in-between clues

. . . and finally--opening the treasure chest! Molly claims she was the one to have found it hidden in the brush, but she had lots of help from her mateys. She was really into the hunt and thought it the best part of the party. It looks like we'll be hiring Paul to be our birthday entertainment planner in the future:)

After the treasure hunt there were presents to be opened and cupcakes to be eaten.

Happy 3rd birthday Cash! Thanks for sharing your day with us.



  1. Arghhh. Some pretty good pictures there, especially the one of you and Mum :)

  2. Thanks for coming! Great photos. That one of you and your Mom has me cracking up, again!