Sunday, May 31, 2009

What's Wrong With These Pictures???

Memorial Day weekend was quite fun-filled.  But there is something missing.  Look through these pictures and see if you can find out what it is before you reach the end.  Good luck!

Here below the Mattias' traveled to Central Oregon (Grass Valley) for Keenan and Molly to try and meet the Easter Bunny.  Although this is his "home," he must have been on vacation for he was nowhere to be found.  

Further southeast near Fossil there was a road-block--a moving one fortunately. 

Living in Portland it's not that often that you can see real cowboys/cowgirls.

And it's not that often that cows brush up against your car.

Keenan was obviously greatly entertained by the unusual citing/experience.

He soon forgot those cows, however, when it came time to set up the tent and camp for the night at Ochoco Creek.

Everyone was so excited to sleep in the tent, they went to bed early.  But. . . no one was tired yet so. . . out came the camera.  Great faces everybody.

The next day on the way home, a stop was made at Big Summit Prairie.  Beautiful!

. . . And a stop at Blue Ridge Mine

An awesome view of Three Sisters

. . . And a final stop at the Metolius River

. . . So what's missing from these pictures???. . .


  I wasn't there for any of the adventure.  I was here. . . working all weekend long:(

But don't feel too sorry for me.  I had a whole night to myself and my paycheck this week won't look too bad either.  


  1. I thought maybe the missing thing was Molly's teeth. When did that happen? Emma has a loose tooth but none out yet.

  2. Nope--no missing teeth yet. Molly has 4 loose teeth with one coming close to falling out. She thinks she is going get 5 thousand-plus dollars from the tooth fairy when it does:)

  3. Looks like the family had a great time Marin. That's nice that Kevin still takes the kids on big adventures even when mom can't come along.

    I didn't think much of you not being in the photos as I scrolled down because I'm rarely in our photos. I'm pretty much always the one behind the camera. Kevin did a great job with getting some cute shots.