Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Family Walks

With me being mormon and Kevin being catholic, each of our views on how we spend our Sunday afternoons (after church) are a little bit different. Trying to compromise we often will go on family walks. So a few weeks ago we took a walk downtown to see the floats from the Rose Parade and then over to Forest Park. We like Forest Park because it literally is a giant forest (over 5,000 acres)--within the city. The kid-friendly trail follows along a creek with tall trees and lush greenery, salmon-berries too if one gets a little hungry :). And an old "castle" a mile in makes a great destination spot as well as motivator for the kids. Below are a few pictures from our Sunday family day.

Walking over the Hawthorne Bridge. I took this picture as we had to wait for the drawbridge to go up and a boat to pass underneath.

The Beast was really cool, but Molly was sad that she didn't get to see Beauty.

The details were amazing on all the floats. I had never seen them so up close before. Apparently they have to be decorated with all organic/natural materials. Besides being beautifully decorated with beautiful flowers and plants, there were feathers, fruit, vegetables, corn stalks, seeds and bark. But the main coverage material?. . . . . . rice! They must have used hundreds of pounds of rice to decorate these floats. Truly spectacular.

Forest Park
Keenan standing on the top floor of the "castle"

Molly obviously is enjoying herself.

Up next: visits from my brother Jesse and sister Deirdre


  1. I think we'll have to go to Forest Park when we come in August.

  2. I think we might go to Forest Park right now!

  3. Great pictures, looks like fun. Where is the "kid friendly" trail? I think the boys would enjoy that too!