Monday, May 4, 2009

Ca. Day 5 & 6: The Magic Kingdom

Finally, the day(s) arrived.  Kevin and I had been looking forward (sort-of) to taking the kids to Disneyland for quite some time, but  Molly and Keenan had no idea we would be including the adventure in our California trip until the week before.  And even then, having never been there, they really could not imagine the excitement they were in for.  
As you can see from the sky below, it was a gorgeous southern California day (70-something degrees) and we were at the gates early.   You would think Monday and Tuesday would be less-crowded, but with it being spring break in some areas of Ca. (as well as in Oregon), there were long lines just to get through the gates with your ticket.  "Ugh!" I thought, "Is this foreshadowing the rest of our day?"  Well, thank goodness for "fast passes" and the kids being willing (as much as we were) to ride less crowded/popular rides.   We did get "stuck" in a few unforeseen long lines which tested Keenan's patience (and ours), but overall, the lines were tolerable with an average of 20-minute waits.   If you asked Molly what her favorite ride was, she would say, "The Matterhorn" and not because a very nice park employee took us from near the back of the line to the front in order to "make some magic" for us.   Kevin and I, of course, loved Space Mountain and Keenan loved everything, especially if it spinned.   We all (except for Keenan because he was too short) loved the Grizzly River Run at California Adventure, but forgot how wet you get!  I was sort-of laughing at some folks who brought their own rain gear on the ride, but they were probably having the last laugh when they saw all of us who looked like we had just pee-peed in our pants:).  
We thought the kids might be too tired to stay all day, but the first day we ended up staying until the end of the fireworks and the second day a couple of hours sooner.   The kids and I actually would have stayed longer to take advantage of the shorter lines, but dad put his foot down.  He was tired and we were too, but we were running on Endorphins!  No rationality whatsoever.  My feet were KILLING me and Molly fell asleep with her head on the table at the California Pizza Co.  so I guess dad was right when he said it was time to go.   I can now see why people often spend 3-4 days at Disneyland/California Adventure:  There is SO much to do and see.   If I exhibited any reluctance and negativity re: taking the family to an exhorbitantly-expensive, overly-commercialized, tourist-filled theme park where you lose your car in the gigantic parking structure,  the feelings diminished by the end of the 2 days.  I really am looking forward to going back in a few years when Keenan is tall enough to ride the the thrill-rides and Molly still hopefully adores princesses.

The famous Sleeping Beauty Castle
Keenan looking with uncertainty  about being swallowed-up by a giant whale.
The famous tea-cups
A family favorite:  It's a small world.

A "fast pass" to Autotopia
Fitting in a few few rides at California Adventure. 

Molly was hoping to see some disney princesses, but none were ever roaming on the grounds (you generally have to wait in a long line to have your picture taken with them).  She was thrilled, however, to come across Minnie and Mickey and did not pass-up the photo opportunity.  
Keenan missed "seeing" M&M, but still got included in the photo:)
I love this one of Molly with her "ears."

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  1. Oh, I LOVE Disneyland! I can't wait to take my lil' family there someday too! To bad it won't be for at least 5 years! Looks like you guys had a lot of fun!