Thursday, May 21, 2009

He Did It!

Wow!  What a star-studded American Idol night!  2 hours of musical performance after musical performance of  famous musicians (e.g., Keith Urban, Fergie/Black-eyed peas, Jason Moraz, Cindy Lauper, Steve Martin) dueting/combining with terrific american idol performers from this current season.  I was, of course, nervous much of the night but not as much as last year when I REALLY wanted David Archuleta to win.  Would it be another rocker winning--Adam--or would it be a pop/acoustic star like Kris?  Nearly 100 million votes and although they didn't mention the vote spread, I believe it was my 30-plus votes that put the come-from-behind, dark horse, Kris Allen as the . . . . . .WINNER!   Congratulations Kris!  Your response to the announcement was a little bit of a let-down, but I understand that you were a little "shell-shocked" and probably still haven't absorbed the greatness of the accomplishment and accompanying title.   Can't wait to see what creative artistry you will come up with on your album.  


  1. It really was an awesome show to watch last night. Tons of great performances.

    I thought Kris' reaction was very appropriate. He felt a bit guilty taking it from the guy who's the better singer... Ha ha. Oh well, now at least Adam doesn't have to record that awful Kara DioGuardi song!

  2. I'm with Ellen there, Adam is the better singer and performer. Maybe if he had toned down the eyeliner?
    It was a great show.

  3. Hey,
    Check out my blog, a little ways down. I have pictures on it from someone who was actually there in person!!!

  4. Yup! All those houses are in the Brown Orchard! Very sad!