Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Knock Knock Jokes

As I read my sister-in-law, Ellen's blog about Cash, Elmo and potty training, I was reminded of the knock-knock jokes our family has been having a good time telling over the past month or so.   Sometimes we'll be in the car driving somewhere, but most of the time it's sitting around the dinner table.   Everyone usually takes several turns with Keenan taking the most because he nearly ALWAYS tells the same joke.  Potty humor, of course, makes him laugh the most and and we laugh "at him" because he always laughs the hardest at his own jokes which often don't make any sense at all.  Here is the "joke" he always tells which cracks himself up:  "Knock Knock."  ("Who's there?" we respond.)  "Poo poo?"  ("Poo poo who?"  Molly responds ((dad and I try to ignore)).  "Poo poo Elmo! haaaaaaaa!  That may not seem like a very nice thing to say about Elmo, but actually it makes sense to all of us because Keenan has a little potty with a picture of Elmo on it and he knows he is supposed to go poo poo in Elmo (the name we have given the potty).  Unfortunately, he has yet to go poo-poo in Elmo, but we did get a little pee-pee one time.   I know Kevin and I could try A LOT harder to potty-train Keenan, but that requires a lot of work (see Ellen's blog:)), and we feel that since we've been diaper-changing for almost 6 years now, what's one more year.  Ha ha.  

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  1. Hi Marin and Kevin!

    Kevin, I just read your comment on my blog. Thanks so much for reading it!

    My parents actually just left this morning, but they should be back in early July. Let's definitely plan a get-together then!

    My mom read your comment and called a few minutes ago to tell me to give you her email... baw0503@gmail.com. Send her a hello when you have a chance!

    Your family is beautiful. I loved looking at all the photos and can't wait for a few spare minutes to read Marin's posts.

    Take care!
    Kate (ked1224@gmail.com