Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Rare Family Day

It seems like with all the weekends I work, we rarely get a full day for just family fun. So when both Kevin and I had President's Day off, we took advantage. When the weather warmed up to probably 55 degrees, we loaded up the bikes and headed north to the Columbia River. On the south side is a long, very wide path that runs directly next to the river and is relatively flat. This is perfect for us since one of our loads was heavy with two kids being hauled behind in the burley and on the alley cat. Kevin took the first leg with the kids--riding to I-205--and I the return trip. The kids got a little cold, but warmed up on the trip back by snugly squeezing together in the burley. The burley trailer from Kevin's brother, Scott and the Alley Cat, from our friends, the Rost's have been 2 of the best gifts we have ever received (Thanks!) They have definitely been well used! The photos I took were taken with our new Nikon digital camera. We've gone from 4 mega pixels to 10! Sharper images? Truer colors? You be the judge.

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  1. I saw you out riding that day. Wondered where you were going.