Friday, February 12, 2010

Kids Love Valentine's Day

I haven't been good about blogging lately--I even missed Christmas. So to make up a little bit, I'm going to post several pictures from both Molly's and Keenan's school Valentine parties. First though, I'm going to post a few of Keenan at his new preschool, Milwaukie Cooperative, the same school that Molly went to as a preschooler and of which we all love. And as I do this, I'm eating Fun Dip (a blast from the past), trying to spare my children from some of the way too much sugar they've ingested/accumulated over the past few days. I am really good at canceling out my gym work-outs.

Keenan's Favorite Toys at Preschool: The Dinosaurs

Marble Tower

Thomas The Train (The track is "glued" down, but Keenan tries his darndest to pull those tracks off (succeeding with a few of the pieces).

Bird Seed Exporation/Digging Table

Playing Candy Land With Mom

Molly's Valentine Ice Cream Party (with classmates Makenna and _____)

Silly Face

The Sugar High Kicking In (j/k :) )

Keenan Placing his Spiderman Valentine's in his Classmates' Bags

Making a Valentine Craft Project. The little crayon shavings Keenan is placing on the waxed-paper heart will be melted together with additional tissue paper pieces, etc. It looks great hung in one of our windows.

Eating a GIANT sugar cookie PLUS an ice-cream sunday

Saving the best for last: Opening the bag full of Valentine's

The Spread

It's no wonder a fifth or more of american children are obese--americans love their holidays and love to celebrate! And I'm no exception. I've got more goodies waiting hidden for the actual day (Sunday). Ahhh well . . .

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  1. looks like they had fun. Molly looks cute in her Valentine's outfit. Anastasia looked cute in the dress you gave her. I'll post pictures soon.