Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Keenan!

I've been a little slow on the posts due to the cumbersome task of downloading photos, but after this one, I should be all caught up.   Keenan turned 3 on Feb. 24th, but we celebrated his birthday on the Saturday before, the 21st.   Grandpa Compton had a bad cold so they couldn't make it, but we were very glad to spend the day with Keenan's uncle Paul, aunt Ellen and cousin Cash. We first went to Big Al's, a state-of-the-art bowling alley in Vancouver, Wa. where Keenan and Molly bowled for the very first time.  It was really cool how the bumper rails would come out for the little kids (programmed that way) and come down for the professional adult bowlers :).  I'm not sure how much the kids liked bowling, but they certainly enjoyed the rootbeer, nachos and chicken quesadilla.  After winning lots of tickets (which we turned in for very small prizes) at the giant arcade, we headed home for games (pin the nose on Elmo) and present-opening.   The party did not end there, however, as we headed out to Bajio's for dinner (yes, more mexican food) and then back home for the traditional chocolate birthday cake.   It was a long day, but very fun-filled--all for my special boy, Keenan.   We love you buddy.  

Oooo!  Strong boy!  
Posing for the camera

It's  okay if you cross the line a little bit, Cash

Look out Paul and Ellen--better get him a helmet.     

Sorry, no boxing for you Keenan

Family photo outside of Big Al's

No peeking! Yeah, riiiiiight.

Keenan loves cars.

Forget the milk, we've got cake!!!


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