Thursday, January 22, 2009

Post #2 (how original is that?!!)

I dedicate this second post to the two commentators of my first ever post.  You are the reason I am writing tonight (plus my husband pushed me to it:)).  As long as there are a few readers out there, I better write (feel free to follow my lead Ellen:))  Where should I start?  The mayor scandal?  The new Messiah-- I mean presidency?  The 9% Oregon unemployment rate?  I have an opinion on all, but will withhold until I have some faithful readers who will stick with me through agreement and disagreement.   So, let's just talk about me:).   What can I say, though?  I'm exhausted after spending 12+ hours looking after the kids?  Nothing new to all of you parents out there.  I did get in some reading time while the kids played at the local Burger King playland which was well worth the $2.00.   I wish there were more places like that--without the fast food component.    Since Kevin wasn't home tonight, I forgoed watching CSI (I'm kind-of tired of feeling sick to my stomach anyways) and did a little more reading.  I need to get out of the pattern of watching tv or dvd's after the kids go to bed.  That necessarily wouldn't be so bad except the sugary and high-fat snack foods always come out and my waistline is starting to feel it.   Kevin calls it the winter weight--you know, like pregnancy weight--except unfortunately there is no breast feeding afterwards to melt the extra pounds away.    I guess that means there will have to be more tennis--yes!  I did play in a singles match yesterday for the first time in about 5 years.  Being in the not-so-good shape I'm in, I was at least slightly hopeful when I saw that I was playing an older, slightly larger woman.  She came out firing, but after the first set (which I eeked-out winning), I could tell she was getting tired--more tired than me and I won the match 6-4, 6-2.  It actually was quite exhilarating.   Anyhow, this is sounding like a journal entry which I guess is okay because it is my blog and I'm not keeping a "regular" journal like I used to.   So. . . besides writing for my two new fans (ha ha) and my dear editor and husband, Kevin, I'm also writing for the ones I'm the biggest fan of--my two great kids, Molly and Keenan.  

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  1. okay, i've FINALLY put up my Christmas post! and I might even do more tonight!

    i will gladly stick with you through agreements and disagreements... just like i do with everyone else (like on my sister in law shirley's blog today! check it out)

    glad you're here and we'll keep checking back now!