Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 Things About Me

Following my sister-in-law's lead (and apparently Facebook's) and also because it fits well with introducing myself in my new blog, I am going to write "25 things about me":

1.  I love tennis.  I love to play it, watch it, read about it.  Before kids I used to play it for hours at a time, sometimes playing until midnight at an outdoor court.  Now I play on a city league team which I have playing on for the past 7 or 8 years.   Some still very memorable live events I got to see were the Davis Cup held in Portland in 2007 and The Pacific Life Open held near Palm Springs in 2000.   My husband probably sometimes thinks I love tennis more than him.

2.   I dread public speaking which is ironic since I lead/teach groups as a career.  

3.  I like being tall.  I couldn't always say that--you know, the insecurities of a teenager.  But, besides having a tough time finding long enough pants, I love being tall for sports (again, tennis) and the extra pounds I put on during the holidays can more easily be hidden:). 

4.  I love bread.   Sometimes I'll choose an italian restaurant over another type just because of the typically good bread.  Nothing beats a warm, delicious, hunk of bread dipped in olive oil, balsamic (if they have it) and some freshly-grated parmesan cheese.  Yummm!

5.  I like taking naps.  I miss those days. . .

6.  I like playing Halo.  I'm waiting for the day (if it ever comes) when Microsoft will allow Halo 2 to be made for the Mac.  

7.  I have 2 red-headed children which always draws some attention which is cool.  

8.  My favorite parts of the Oregonian are "Sports" and the "People" gossip-section of "How we Live."  

9.  I like to read, but there are often large gaps of time in-between each book.  Once I find a good read, however, I'll read it pretty quickly.  I loved the Twilight series--I'm all about ease of read, suspense, romance, and adventure.  

10.  Don't laugh because. . . I like the Jonas brothers.  This is one of the ways I keep "young at heart." :)

11.  I love board/card games.  Ever since I was young I have loved games.  I'm sure I used to annoy my brothers and sisters because I was always begging to play games like Monopoly or PayDay.  Now it's Settlers and our new one, Puerto Rico.   I'm just glad there are family members relatively nearby who enjoy playing games as much as I.

12.  I am quite shy.  I wish it wasn't so, but I am what I am.

13.  It took me about 10 years to graduate from college.  I probably shouldn't list this.  Not something to be too proud of.   I guess I liked college-life more than college itself.  I always got pretty good grades, but I didn't like stress and I valued free time, so most of the time I only went part-time.

14.  I always wanted to have 4 kids, enough (including mom and dad) for 3 on 3 volleyball. I'm not in good enough shape for 2 on 2, but I guess I have a few years to get ready.

15.  Am I only on 15??!!  I can't believe people write 100 things about themselves.  I guess I should steal some other people's ideas.  No. 15:  I'm not the most creative thinker.

16.  I married a good morm---I mean catholic boy.

17.  I have colored, weaved, or bleached my hair for almost 15 years now and so don't know what my current natural hair-color is.   Many years ago I had a pretty strawberry-blonde shade.

18.  I have a lot of hobbies.  Besides tennis:), I play the piano, enjoy singing, ping pong, wii, volleyball, biking, paddling, scrapbooking (though not lately), walking, growing things, games, and movies.   I like snowboarding and cross-country skiing as well, but since the kids have come, the opportunities have been infrequent.  

19.  Some hobbies I wish I had are:  cooking; knitting; interior decorating.

20.  I've traveled to places as far as Hong Kong (mission) and Israel (study abroad), but would like to travel to a far away place for the purpose of sheer enjoyment.  If I had the money I'd travel to Greece, Hawaii, France (to see the Tour de France and French Open  ((as well as they typical tourist/historical spots)), Australia, New York and D.C.    

21.  I prefer lemon over chocolate, cake and pastries over ice cream.  Joe's donuts in Sandy (Oregon) is a must-stop on the way to Mt. Hood or Bend.  

22.  I use the library like Netflix except. . . I no longer PAY to rent any movie I want to see.  I don't mind being #265 on a wait-list to see, for example, Ironman (one I missed at the theatre).  Sometimes I'll wait months, but that's okay--it's free and any way to save money in this current economy. .  :\.  

23.  Things I hate or just annoy me:  Cooking; seeing a loose dog coming toward me during a morning walk; having to see re-runs during the "winter break" of my favorite show, House; whining; cold houses (Kevin says I have to conserve since our last heating bill was way out of budget).

24.  Other things I love:  Kevin;  Molly; Keenan; family; friends; employment; a home; good food (cooked by others); lying all toasty in front of the fireplace on a sheepskin rug; Rockband; reading people's blogs; sleeping; vacations.  
25.  I have to say I have a pretty great life.  I get to stay home most of the time to take care of my two crazy, but great kids.  I get to stay involved in my chosen profession of recreation therapy.  I get to do things that make ME happy.  I have a very smart, patient and kind husband who will grocery shop, cook sometimes and do his own laundry.  I have some nice neighbors and friends, a great ward, family members who will come over for birthday party's and get together for whatever fun things we can come up with.  I have much to be grateful for and coming up with 25 things about me wasn't too difficult.  I like being me.   


  1. Thanks for sharing Marin. I have to admit that I laughed when I read that you like the Jonas Brothers.