Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My 4-y.o. genius

I know every mother says their child(ren) are geniuses, and I am no exception :). Keenan has recently started speech therapy again through PSU's graduate program. He's working with a nice grad. student named Dan. He's only had a few sessions and most of it has been testing his cognitive skills focusing on language--both receptive and expressive communication. Keenan has some quite severe speech deficits including the inability to say sounds such as t, d, s, ch, sh, and th. Unfortunately, some may judge a person's intelligence by the way they speak and honestly, I've had my worries--esp. when Keenan didn't start to say any words until he was 3. So, if you can imagine my delight and quiet pride when Keenan answered one question after another correctly. He knows SOOOO much! He solved both addition and subtraction word problems. He repeated phrases that were 8 and 9 words long. He could pick out sentences that didn't sound right. His vocabulary is amazing. One of the tests he took AND FINISHED is normally stopped as soon as a child answers 3 or 4 questions in a row incorrectly. Well, Keenan was answering questions a 6 y.o. would know until there were no more questions! If only he could have kept going!

Keenan may have a long way to go toward correcting his speech patterns, but Kevin and I are definitely proud parents of our goofy, crazy kid. He's a joyful, bright star in our family.

Oh and, happy birthday my dear husband, Kevin. You say that 43 is a boring number/year, but be glad you aren't turning 83! You have so many more years to live! I love you!


  1. That's awesome Marin. Hopefully his Kindergarten teach will be understanding and continue his development when he starts school.

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