Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter Week

Molly's favorite holiday is Easter. Yep, she likes it even better than Christmas. Not sure exactly why unless it's that she is currently able to find a lot more candy than her brother during the Easter egg hunt. Or maybe that it spread over a few days from decorating easter eggs one night to a big Easter dinner on Sunday. Anyhow, I got photos of it all except for the nice dinner we had at Grandma and Grandpa Compton's house in Dallas.

Trying out close-ups with our new camera. Here is Molly with some newly dyed eggs.

And Keenan.

The Easter Egg Hunt

Keenan still needs a few hints where to look for the candy. . .

. . . but has gotten opening and eating the candy down pat.

The bouncy balls were and still are a big hit.

Notice Molly's basket has quite a few more eggs in it than Keenan's. . . .Don't feel bad for Keenan, though, because Molly later gave him all her jelly beans and malted milk balls. She's just as picky about her candy as she is about other foods.

It was indeed a wonderful, happy week.


  1. Oh good! Maybe if you just did your Easter post it's not too late for me to put up mine!

    What cute kids you have!

  2. I know, I debated whether it was too late or not. I love the pictures though and I wanted some sort of written remembrance about the holiday. Besides--these are OUR blogs :)