Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Day at the Mountain

Kevin wanted me to post these photos right away because it was the absolute most beautiful day on Mt. Hood. Fresh snow then bright sunshine, warm enough for Kevin and I to not wear our shells. Sunglasses were remembered at the last minute, but not the sunscreen :(. Fortunately, nobody got burned. It was probably the best family winter outing we have ever had because nobody got soaked in the rain/snow, meaning-- nobody got cold and whined and cried to go home after only being out in the weather for 10 minutes.

White River

Gorgeous Mt. Hood in the background

Taking a sleigh run with Keenan

Molly old enough to take a go by herself

Sun so bright Molly had to shade her eyes for the photo

Dad and Keenan's turn

Queen of the Mt.:)

The result of letting Molly and Keenan go together down the hill

We left the Mt. around 2:00, perfect timing because there was getting to be quite a crowd of people. We stopped at Calamity Jane's on the way home (Joe's donuts on the way up), a restaurant we have driven by dozens of times, heard good things about, but never have eaten at (until today). They have DELICIOUS hamburgers and fries, food we always crave after an active day on the mountain. Sitting by a warm fireplace was also a delight. It was just a perfect day all around.


  1. Looks like a wonderful day. That video is too cute!! I'm sure they had a blast. Merry Christmas to you, Kevin and the kids!!

  2. Looks like fun. Happy belated Christmas!