Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Card Photo

This Christmas it seemed like everything was done "late." From getting the tree and decorating the house, to shopping, and to picking out christmas cards and sending them. I wasn't going to include a picture, but decided to, of course, last minute. We had 2 "photo sessions" and you would think with all the pictures I took, there would have been one "keeper." Well, there wasn't. A lot of fun ones though which I got a kick out of. The ones with the kids laughing have Kevin standing right behind me trying to make them smile. For those who didn't get a card and picture (sorry!), can you guess which picture we went with? And for those who did, which other one would you have chosen???


  1. All the laughing ones are darling. It's hard to pick.

  2. my favs are the 2nd one and the 5th one. very cute.