Monday, October 12, 2009

Welcome C. W. Compton!

So here is the latest addition to the Compton (and Boynton) clan: Cole William Compton. Born yesterday, October 11th, at about 5 pm. Weighed-in around 6 lbs. 15 oz. He caught us (and my brother and sister-in-law) off guard deciding to come 2 weeks early. I was at work when it all occurred. But tonight, we got to go to the hospital to see the little bundle of joy and hold him: only 24-hours old. He is the cutest little guy EVER and SOOOO light! My two tank babies were both over 2 lbs. heavier than little Cole William. Ellen was looking great, but missing her other son, Cash as no children under 18 allowed onto the hospital floor. The closest Cash (and our kids) got to Cole was to go across the street to the parking garage, go up 4 floors, and wave to Ellen and baby across the way watching from their room window. I'll end here now, though, as I don't want to step on Ellen's toes by posting too many details she'll want to share. Just one last thing: Cole is absolutely adorable! (No wait, I already said something like that :)) Oh well, it needed repeating. Can't wait to hold the little guy again--I could have held him forever.

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  1. Very nice pictures, better than the ones I was able to take, so we may have to snag some copies! Thanks for coming over last night and going to Daphne's was fun!