Monday, October 26, 2009

The Funny Things Kids Do

Working part-time/on-call can be a very nice change from taking care of kids, making dinner and cleaning the house, but it also means I may miss out on silly occurrences or memorable events. Take today for example. Kevin tells me as I'm driving home from work something quite funny that Keenan did this afternoon. Well, Keenan has this bad habit of filling up the sink with water when asked to wash hands. Today, however, he had a different motive for filling the sink: his cow needed a drink of water. What?! you may wonder. No, Keenan does not have a real cow. You see, Keenan is going to be a plush cow for Halloween (he wore the costume the other night to our school's harvest/halloween party.) And after wearing it today for fun, he decided his cow was thirsty so took it off and dipped his full face into the sink of water for a drink. Such a thoughtful boy, isn't he? That's my Keenan.

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