Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Test of Keenan's Attention Span

Yesterday we all went to see the Disney movie, Bolt.  It has been 8 months or more since we tried Keenan at another movie, Wall-E:  He made it through 45 minutes before Kevin had to take him out. Keenan will be 3 next week, so we thought we'd try it again.    This time I was the designated person to miss the remainder of the movie should Keenan lose interest, become restless then complain loudly when we try to contain him in his seat (or on our laps.)  Well. . . . 30 minutes go by and. . . we allow the binky to come out.  45 minutes go by and . . . the back-up bottle of milk comes out.  One hour and 15 minutes go by and . . . Keenan is trying to make his way up to a different row and seat.   He sits in front of us for a while then sees a rubber ball in a seat in the row in front of him.  He grabs the ball and the people say, "He can have it."  He then decides he's had enough of the movie and crawls underneath the legs of 4 people before making it to the aisle. Fortunately, he is quite quiet through all of this.  Nevertheless, I head him off and we head to the back of the theatre where I hold him and rock him like he's a crying infant.   "Pleeeease. . . I say to myself. . . let me be able to see the rest of the movie!"  And you know what???. . . . He/we made it!   My $2.50 ticket didn't go to waste, it was a good movie, and the stress was relatively low.   Should another good, fairly action-packed animated film come out again,  I think we'll give it another go.    


  1. I've said all along that Danny could win the whole thing! Paul would also like to register his vote for Danny and Alexis Grace with Anoop-Dog as a wildcard vote. I sooo wish some of them had chosen better songs tonight. Oh well!

  2. Me too! (About Danny winning the whole thing) Alexis and Anoop were also my 2nd and 3rd favorites. I know a lot of people were thinking Jamar should have been up on the stage after some very terrible performances.