Friday, September 10, 2010

Last Day of School. . . . . and First!

I had this post in edit form ever since Molly finished 1st grade in mid-June. I guess now is as good a time to finish it since she has now started 2nd grade :/. Riverside was a new school for her last year as she transferred there to be in their newly formulated spanish bilingual program. Understandably, it was a rough start for her, but by the end (as you can see from the pictures below), she was enjoying it very much and couldn't wait to see all her friends again this year. It's crazy how as the older we get, time seems to stand still (or speed by) as I remember very clearly the last day of her 1st grade. So here's a look of Molly now. . . .

Molly excited for her first day of 2nd grade

Molly was hoping to have "real" desks this year and she got her wish! (She also got new carpet and new windows which I appreciate much more than her ;))

and then. . . .
Enjoying the fruits of their labor. The first graders planted and cared for carrots, peas, onions, lettuce and radishes as part of one of their science units. The salad was delicious!

Molly in her india-style hip hop regalia. The dance number she performed for us and the school I recorded, but couldn't download.

Saying good-bye to friends: Josephine, Makenna and Abby.

Molly swinging away at a Pinata--a great way to finish the year. (Dad got the lucky volunteer opportunity to hold the rope :))

Molly with her bag of pinata goodies which she mostly did not eat. If any of you haven't tried mexican candy well. . . . honestly, you are not missing out.

Molly with good friend, Zoe.

Maestra Nicola signing Molly's "Yearbook."

We'll miss you Miss Nicola! We all loved having you as Molly's teacher!

It was a great first year for Molly in the spanish program filled with art, dance and culture. I hope the trend will continue this year.


  1. @Molly eating salad photo.

    That's about the gosh-darn cutest picture of Molly ever, actually!

  2. I know. Other than the unattractive lunch bag sitting next to her, I love that picture too.

  3. Oh and, the "bootweak" threw me off for a minute: I had no idea who you were until I looked at your site :)