Sunday, September 13, 2009

Adrienne's Visit

In August we had a nice visit from my sister Adrienne from Utah and her daughter's Emma and Anastasia. We did a lot of fun things during her time here, but I think the highlight for the cousins was just being able to play together. Adrienne forgot her camera one day so I took a few extra photos and told her I would post them. Sorry I'm a little late, but here they all are:

Cold and windy at the Otter Crest Lookout Point
Left to Right: Grandpa Compton, Keenan, Cousin Emma, Molly

Still. . . Otter Crest is our favorite beach and look how the clothes are slowly coming undone/off.

Keenan digging in the sand with Anastasia and Grandma Compton in the background

Trying to catch Anastasia with a smile

Pretty close

Now. . . all stripped down to the swimsuit and Molly looks quite happy.

Keenan deciding he wanted to taste/eat the sand

A fine reaction

Ahhh. . . happy cousins

The carousel in Salem--a new tradition for when family with kids come to visit

Ana looking not quite so sure of the carousel yet

A fun visit to A.C. Gilbert Children's Museum--also part of the Salem circuit

The giant chair there is always a favorite photo op

A great place for fun and hands-on learning

Keenan has learned the cheesy, superficial grin for the camera:)

Polk County Fair--also becoming an annual tradition. Sorry Adrienne, I only took 2 photos that turned out.

Thanks for coming to Oregon Adrienne! I hope you visiting will also become an annual tradition.


  1. Thanks for posting the pictures Marin. We're thinking about coming during Spring Break next year. What is the weather like the first part of April?

  2. It's mostly cold and overcast/rainy... but don't let that stop you. I have a couple more pictures of the fair that I will eventually post too... lol... so you can have those too!